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The exhibition season in the summer of 2021 begins a new focus of

Kajsa and Olle Nyman's studios and artists 'homes' exhibition activities where we - based on

siblings Kajsa and Olle's respective professions, sounds

visual arts and crafts meet.

We are looking for combinations that are related in spirit and

purpose but at the same time also contrasts with each other

a lively and inspiring way.

JUST NOW>   The exhibition season is now over for the season in temporary autumn and the Christmas opening is available  Olle Nyman's graphic sheet in the Archive.


Period 1

Jonas Rooth / Susan Gillhög

May 29 - July 4, 2021




Period 2  

Yoko Yamano - “Glass Tableware in Still Life”

July 10 - August 15, 2021

Yasuko Iba

Leiko Ikemura

Junichi Ishida

Katsunori Kobayashi

Shinpei Kusanagi

Saiko Kimura

Miwa Ogasawara

Kouichi Tabata

Yui Yaegashi

Anna Bjerger
Anna Camner

Ylva Carlgren

Jens Fänge

Carl Hammoud

Niklas Holmgren

CM Lundberg

Maria Nordin

Rebecka Tollens





Period 3  

Siri Derkert and Fredrik Nielsen

August 21 - September 26 NOTE! Siri Derkert extended

Saturdays 2, 9, 16 p.m. 12-15 October 2021

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