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Siri Derkert drawings - now extended Sat 2, 9, 16 Oct at 12-15!

/ Fredrik Nielsen glass sculptures

21 Aug - 26 Sep 2021


Both Siri Derkert's and Fredrik Nielsen's art goes their own way, where their art expresses their own feelings and world of imagination. In Fredrik's practice, one can trace the bodily aspects of creating the works, the heavy material and the hot studio as well as the emotional effect of his conscious use of strong colors. In Siri's world a distortion in the shapes and presence in the line where she moves freely in different scales and materials.


We think that these two works of art can meet in close dialogue in the expressionist, in the dissolved and strongly figurative. Maybe it would be exciting to return to the title "Movements in all directions" that Siri had at her exhibition at the Modern Museum in 1960?

Siri Derkert is one of the leading figures in Swedish art of the 20th century. Her early Cubist paintings can be counted on international modernism. The late work in Östermalmstorg metro station in Stockholm in 1965 meant a turning point for the design of the public space.

Siri Derkert is known as an artist with a strong personal and expressionist style. In early works, especially from the time in Paris, one can see impressions from both Cubism and Fauvism. She has made figure paintings in gray tones, usually pastels, interiors and child portraits. With the exhibition "On the way", Siri Derkert became the first woman with a separate exhibition at the Moderna Muséet in Stockholm. The exhibition opened on April 27, 1960.


Fredrik Nielsen's main material is glass. As a glassblower, he approaches his material and the traditions around it in his very own way. His raw expression influenced by graffiti, music and pop culture drives our perception of glass in new directions.

Nielsen considers his technology and his choice of material as his artistic framework. Within this framework, he explores and searches for new expressions that result in glass objects that are characterized by the process of making them.


 Fredrik Nielsen (b. 1977) has attended both Orrefors Glass School, Sweden and Pilchuck Glass School, USA and the Royal Institute of Art, Sweden.

New exhibitions include 'New Glass Now' 'Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington USA 22 Oct -2021 -6 March 2022,

'BeCraft, Belgium 12 Dec 2021-6 March 2022,

'NGC Glass Prize, National Glass Center at the University of Sunderland, Sunderland'. 

Nielsen is represented in public collections all over the world, such as the National Museum, Sweden, the Corning Museum of Glass, USA, Ariana Museum, Switzerland, the Tore G Wäenstam Foundation, Sweden and in private collections in Sweden, Finland and the USA. He lives and works in Stockholm.

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