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Feel free to become a member of the newly started friends association Kajsa and Olle Nyman's Friends. A membership in the association gives you advance information about current activities and offers of various benefits. You get a 10% discount when you buy graphics from Olle Nyman and reduced fee at various events. And most importantly - you are involved in protecting the unique place.


Membership for a calendar year costs  

  • SEK 200 for a private person,  

  • SEK 300 per household  

  • SEK 1,200 for a legal entity.


Pay in and mark the payment with your email address (maximum 12 characters in some banks) or name. Then email to  so that you ensure that you are invited to future activities!  ​

  • Bankgiro 5621-8753

  • Swish to 1231104397

We hope to see you and your family as a member of the Friends!

The board of Kajsa and Olle Nyman's friends

Aktuellt i Vänföreningen:
Den 4 maj - 9 juni arrangerade vänföreningen en
lyckad och välbesökt utställning i Nya ateljén
med 10 konstnärer, några med tidigare koppling till
Olle Nymans. Utställningen benämndes "Speglingar" då idén
var att spegla verken i Olles Nymans konstnärsskap.

med stöd av

Kulturstiftelsen Syskonen Kajsa och Olle Nymans ateljéer och konstnärshem

se instagram kajsaochollenymansvanner

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