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  'Glass Tableware in Still Life'
July 10 - Aug 15, 2021

“Glass Tableware in Still Life” is a Swedish-Japanese interdisciplinary art project that links visual art with glass craftsmanship in enriching dialogue. Nine Swedish and nine Japanese visual artists collaborate with glass artist Yoko Andersson Yamano to create glass objects for the set table, for their still life paintings.


The artists gave each Andersson Yamano a description of the glass they would like to paint, communicated only with words - no drawings or pictures - to create the best possible starting point for interpretation, imagination and creativity.

Andersson Yamano has since interpreted each artist's assignment and the result is unique glass objects in clear glass. The artists then paint a still life painting based on the newly created glass object in their artistic technique and expression.


This method of creation requires mutual respect between visual artist and glass artist. In return, both parties are inspired to explore new ways of working artistically. After the exhibition has been completed at Kajsa and Olle Nymans, the exhibition moves to Japan, where the Japanese artists connect with their works. The nine Swedish artists who will be exhibiting at Kajsa and Olle Nymans are:


Yasuko Iba

Leiko Ikemura

Junichi Ishida

Katsunori Kobayashi

Shinpei Kusanagi

Saiko Kimura

Miwa Ogasawara

Kouichi Tabata

Yui Yaegashi

Anna Bjerger
Anna Camner

Ylva Carlgren

Jens Fänge

Carl Hammoud

Niklas Holmgren

CM Lundberg

Maria Nordin

Rebecka Tollens

stilleben ld.jpeg

“Glass Tableware in Still Life” is an interdisciplinary art project that brings together painting and glass blowing in an enriching dialogue.

Nine Swedish and nine Japanese painters collaborate with glass artist Yoko Andersson Yamano to create glass tableware for their paintings.

To begin the project the painters each provided Andersson Yamano with a description of the tableware, communicated by words only — no drawings or pictures — to allow for imagination and creativity to blossom.

Andersson Yamano has interpreted each separate assignment and the results are unique, clear glass creations for each painter. The painters then paint an impression of the glassware in their own personal style resulting in a still life painting.

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