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In our beautiful a  and unique Saltsjö-Duvnäs, there are some special values that make our villa suburb one of the most sought after places to live in Sweden: Duvnäsviken, Saltsjöbanan, Ringparksstugan with its belfry, a beautiful and varied villa development with interesting history, Måsungeklubben, Olle Nymans. ..


What are Olle Nyman's homes and studios?

s if so often depicted in the broker ads and sometimes referred to by the names of the various restaurateurs, (Koloni, Kerstin & Britt…)

For many Saltsjö-Duvnäs residents, it is above all a picturesque and historical element in the local environment. Some love to eat there or have coffee, have a Christmas table or celebrate Mårten goose. Others visit the artist's home and garden in the spring. Many artistically interested people know Olle Nyman's Ateljéer as an art gallery of rank curated by Kungl. The Academy of Fine Arts.

Families with children are attracted by the Little Art School, the cultural aunts by the vernissages and the cultural men by all.

Behind the white facades!

Nymans is something as unique as a living local historical site with national cultural status. It is a foundation with its own record and statutes that protect the values.

But many of the businesses are run rather quietly: The long-established studio business for Nacka's children and young people together with Dieselverkstaden. The exhibitions of the large art collections. The museum activities in the well-preserved artist's home. The object collections. The educators' efforts. The archives with documents from three centuries and preserved pigeon nests in buildings where historic

wingbeat echoes.

Kajsa and Olle Nyman lived here and also often their artist friends during the siblings' lives. After their death, the property was transformed into the Kajsa and Olle Nyman's cultural foundation with the task of preserving the buildings and managing the art. But the liquid funds that formed the basis for the foundation's survival, management of the properties and management of the arts have in recent years been eroded and consumed.


Here we are now:

The new board took over last year. The business is running for the first time since the foundation's inception with a minimal, but still profit. At the same time, the foundation is burdened with large renovation debts. The business must be developed into profitability, which we work hard on. We sort out the complicated business, dig drains, fix roofs and provide the iron. We work voluntarily alongside our other jobs. There are no employees at Olles apart from the hourly-employed guides who are in principle financed by a grant from Nacka municipality. The foundation rents out for restaurant operations and to five private homes.

Olles needs help!

Capital is needed to maintain the properties. We need funds to be able to employ a manager and a business manager. A start is the FENCE FUND on the page below.

Help is needed with maintenance and operations so that the board can spend its time on governance, development and business model.

The friends' association is completely newly formed. It is independent of the foundation and is there to create value for the place. Join! Contact ordf. Eva Ståhl-Lundborg at:



This letter is made to give you insight into the situation with Kajsa and Olle. We know that many people are wondering and want to be able to have an opportunity to help and participate.  

Your contribution is welcome!



The board of

The siblings Kajsa and Olle Nyman's cultural foundation

Account number in Handelsbanken:

6165-584 099 118

Swish: 123 184 3275

Questions and other matters,

please email us at:

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