SEK 13,500 has now been received by STAKETFONDEN after our appeal.
What a support! Now we can fix the roof.
more coming in! grateful when the need is great.

The situation became acute this weekend when the storm tore apart a previous repair on the already bad roof at Nya Ateljén. If you want to do a cultural deed and help us continue with art school and exhibitions in the New Studio at Siblings Kajsa and Olle Nyman's studios and artists' home, do it now! All contributions welcome and so urgently needed.


The fence fund is available as an opportunity to help. Here, visitors', friends', neighbors', etc.'s contributions are collected for the foundation's maintenance of mainly the property without other earmarking. The fence has begun. Now the roof damage is acute.

Thank you for your contribution!   


Account number in Handelsbanken
6165-584 099 118, Siblings Kajsa and Olle Nyman's Cultural Foundation


or via Swish:  123 184 3275

STATE THE FENCE FUND. Thank you for your contribution!

A springboard - THE FENCE FUND


Do you want to contribute? We believe we understand that many in Saltsjö-Duvnäs and our surroundings care about the survival of the place and the foundation.

Therefore, we simply open an account for you who want to be able to contribute.


We call the fund the Fence Fund as we plan to show everyone's good will and power by starting by renovating the toothless and dilapidated fence that surrounds Olle Nyman's property. If you want and if the gift is 5000: -  or above, you can have your last name beautifully painted on the back of a fence post as a grateful acknowledgment. Announce directly in the payment message or email. If you want to be anonymous, we of course respect that. We update here with the look as the first fence post has already been ordered.


The money we receive goes directly to the foundation and will go to renovation, maintenance and refurbishment according to the board's decision. You are listed in our list of Staketfonden's beneficiaries.


Now it is in a hurry.

Thank you for your contribution!

The board



Account number in Handelsbanken:

6165-584 099 118,

Siblings Kajsa and

Olle Nyman's cultural foundation


Swisha to: 123 184 3275




and your name.


Questions and other matters,

please email us at:



The fund has currently gratefully received the following donations (min 5000 :-)
Fence pin no. and desired name:

1. Forsberg
2. Strömberg
3. Westerberg
4. Thor, Life and Ruth
5. Banning
6. Eldered
7. Anonymous donation
8. The Red Row Association
9. ......