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"As soon as I have a moment off, I work."

The idyll with the whitewashed houses and the beautiful garden next to Duvnäsviken served as a home, workplace and favorite motif for the versatile artist Olle Nyman.

Today, the unique cultural environment lives on. There is an active gallery, studios for both children and adults, a popular restaurant and a personal history museum where everything is exactly as it was left more than a quarter of a century ago. Kajsa and Olle Nyman's foundation manages the unique place, in the middle of Saltsjö-Duvnäs.

The operation takes place in collaboration with Nacka municipality.

Welcome to visit the artist's home and studio.

Entrance and guided tours .

During the summer season, temporary exhibitions are shown

by contemporary artists in the new studio.

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In the new studio, contemporary artists are exhibited during the summer.

The works of art are for sale.

Welcome to openings and exhibitions.



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