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27 Jun - 16 Aug.   2020




Reuse. It's a bit like I use a folk tradition, such as the rag rug, but instead of becoming a utility item, the pieces of fabric reappear as art. Possibly it could be a subheading, roughly: a textile reincarnation. It may be about splicing together, fertilizing, reusing, recycling, tying, tying, sewing and basting - needle and thread, space, color and shape.

Karin Lundgren-Tallinger takes her starting points in textile art and has made herself known above all for her installations, most recently at the exhibition The Fourth Corner at Cornelia Sojdelius Gallery in Stockholm together with Cecilia Hultman and Malin Hederus. In connection with the exhibition, it was said that Lundgren-Tallinger is primarily interested in materiality and color, the association paths of artifacts, while she makes architectural interventions in the room with thin hand-sewn lines of fabric - so she reuses discarded materials and transforms waste into new languages. In Olle Nyman's studio, she examines the relationship between the textile material and the architectural spaciousness and how these interactions give birth to language, the artistic statement, the emotional tone of the room. Based on the colored beams in the ceiling closest to the row of windows at the top of the room, she invites the visitor to an installation that is so much more than just a compositional relationship between color and shape: language weaves the image in the room.


About Karin Lundgren-Tallinger's art, it has been said that her lines like to move in circles, circumventing to find the possible corners - here the threads of thought are connected; Discipline and consolation can just as easily strengthen the artistic freedom that loosens the occasionally necessary torment. Her beaded textile lining around lines and circles meets snibs and chains, and is secured with carabiners. Objects often hanging can just as easily be sculptural, spatial drawings.  


This is how she writes herself:


The simple thing, to thread a needle up and down in a fabric, strengthen the fragile, thin out the hard-skinned.

The journey begins in the hand.

In recent years, I have increasingly come to use needle and hand sewing; but I would not say that I am embroidering, rather that I intuitively work the surface and with colors and lines try to create order in a kind of chaos-based irrationality. I work with a surface where thread and fabric fragments meet in a way that relates more to freehand drawing and painting than traditional textiles. I work with recycled material, cut, color over, color off, etch, print and put together into new meanings.

It can also result in more sculptural installations that take up space in the room or as thin objects that form character-like patterns over the walls.


The separate exhibition  Switches  at KA Almgren's Silk Weaving on Södermalm  in Stockholm last autumn showed objects, pictures and textile collage. Susanne Slöör wrote for the online magazine :  "It is invitingly beautiful and enticing to the gaze to stray, to drift around in the pearl lights of the rooms, to feel the imaginary silk woven at the thought."  Here, objects and images were staged that touched on the volatility itself, the most fragile thing that can barely be touched. I am thinking of the soap bubble, the water surface, the spider's net or the silkworm's thread. Still, we can get an idea of how these barely noticeable surfaces and subjects feel. They also become metaphors for the soul's most intricate inner weaves of memories and the interconnected bank of stored patterns for the senses. ”

In KA Almgren Silk Weaving, Sweden's oldest preserved industrial environment in Stockholm, Karin Lundgren-Tallinger installed an extremely ethereal exhibition according to Susanne Slöör - “She sews, embroideres and assembles her textile collages against both the clean air space and the thinnest of transparent fabrics. They float in the air or in other cases stand leaning in a corner, hanging like rags, or in the shock of thicker matter. Abandoned quilted blankets are given new life as poetic objects. Through work titles as well as the works themselves, you will think of dream catchers. But here the waking dreams are woven together with the history of the rooms. Aging, wear and tear and the environment that today can not be perceived as anything other than an augmented, past reality still form a tribute to the senses. Every little individual stitch feels considered, one by one seeking its tone and organic movement. It is invitingly beautiful and enticing to the gaze to get lost, to drift around in the mother-of-pearl light of the rooms, to feel the imaginary silk that is woven for the thought. ”   












Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen 1984-86

Kungl. Stockholm Academy of the Arts, Stockholm 1983-84

Academy of Fine Arts, Bergen 1982-83

Art subject, textile, Stockholm 1980-82


Separate exhibitions


Switching , KA Almgren's silk weaving, Stockholm 2019

The Walk / Journey , ID: I-gallery, Stockholm, together with Malin Hederus 2017

Her)  D: In the gallery, Stockholm 2014

Without beginning without end  Konsthallen, Örebro University, Örebro 2014

Space nomads  Nacka Art Gallery, Dieselverkstaden 2013

At home with the birds  ID: In the gallery, Stockholm 2012

Hanaholmen Cultural Center Helsinki 2011

I was here  Multicultural center, Fittja 2008

Swedish General Art Association, Stockholm 2004

Sundsvall Museum, Sundsvall 2002

Olle Olsson House, Solna 2001

Gallery Ahnlund, Umeå 2000

Gallery Mors Mössa, Gothenburg 1998

Gallery Andréhn-Schiptjenko, Stockholm 1995

Botkyrka Art Gallery 1994

Norrtälje Art Gallery 1994

Gallery Andréhn-Schiptjenko, Stockholm 1992




Collective exhibitions (selection)


The fourth corner,  Cornelia Sojdelius Gallery, Stockholm 2020 (together with Cecilia Hultman and Malin Hederus)

Holy, holy is the picture , Konsthallen S: ta Anna, Trosa 2019

Fusion and Diffusion , Tama art University Museum, Tokyo, 2018

Shibori in Swedish , HV Gallery, Stockholm 2018

International Shibori 10iss, Oaxaca, Mexico 2016-17

Changing nature . Cured and participated in an exhibition, Bruno Liljefors studio

Österbybruk, 2016

Itajime Interpreted , Fiberspace Gallery, Stockholm, 2015

International Shibori , National Silk Museum Hangzhou China, 2014

Darwin Museum, Moscow Biennale, Russia 2013

Untied Notions, Sthlm Design hall ID: Ice 10 year 2012

Raketa & Friends, Uppsala Museum 2008

Nordic Music Day, video, Copenhagen 2004

The Museum of Architecture, Stockholm 2003

Stockholm New Music, video 2003

Houston Photo Festival, USA 2000

Stenesen Museum, Oslo 1999

Museum of Photographic Art, Odense 1997

Teatergalleriet, Kalmar 1991

KE Den Frie, Copenhagen 1986

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