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Children and youth activities in Nya Ateljén

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Workshops for children and young people in

Olle Nyman's new studio, room for up to 28 students, Strandpromenaden 61, Saltsjö-Duvnäs

in collaboration with Nacka Kommun


We start the workshop with a tour of Olle Nyman's old studio and let ourselves be inspired by Olle Nyman's collage, paintings and sculptures.

Collage workshop (preschool) 
Target group: 4-5-year-olds 
Time: 1 h. 
With paper, pencil, scissors and glue, we then create our own collages in the spirit of Olle Nyman in his new studio. 

Sculpture workshop 
Target group: School year f-9 
Time: 2 h. 
With clay, porcelain, shells and pearls, we then create our own sculptures in the spirit of Olle Nyman in his new studio. 

Do you want to book a workshop with us? 

Contact Martin Hansen-Frost, responsible for contract and booking issues regarding school and preschool.

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