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- photographs from Saltsjö-Duvnäs

May 8 - May 23  


Opening on Saturday 8 May at 12-16 and Sunday 12-16. Then the following two weekends Friday to Sunday at the same times. The last opportunity to take part in the exhibition is Sunday 23 May. Subject to change.


In the autumn, an unexpected find was made in the basement of the old museum. At the far end of a cupboard, tucked in 4 cardboard boxes and wrapped in tissue paper, was a collection of old glass negatives in large format! No one knew how they ended up here, and no one knew the history of the pictures. But with the help of photographer Lars Hansson, the material could be scanned and copied. You can see the result on the walls in Nya Ateljén.


Now Duvnäskännarna Lena and Jan Thorburn together with Margareta and Olle Anderlind have studied the newly made copies. Thanks to the richness of detail and the sharpness of the old pictures, both people and houses could be identified in several cases, despite the fact that the photographs had been forgotten for more than a century. It was probably the photographer Georg Florman who in 1907–08 documented the then Duvnäs before the sale and establishment of the new residential community. Robert Küsel's heirs were sellers and a consortium - which included Claës Öhman's grandfather Emeric - was the buyer.


But there is still a lot to investigate and you are welcome to contribute your own observations. Our on-site guide can take note of what you can tell us. Maybe you recognize your own house ?!


Welcome to Saltsjö-Duvnäs 100 years ago!

The exhibition is carried out with the help of Föreningen Kajsa and Olle Nyman's friends

and with support from Nacka Municipality.

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