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June 27 - July 26

Hans Jörgen Johansen moves skilfully between different traditions and techniques. Here are questions that are central to both photography and painting, and here patterns, textiles, architecture and room creation are touched upon. It is both intellectually and visually refreshing.

    In some works, photographed from above, Hans Jörgen Johansen has photoshopped in some pictures of himself when he, like a craftsman, lays out the patterns. It is skilfully done, but it may be a layer too much for my taste. On the other hand, the artist looks in a work out of the picture and meets our gaze, a motif that was already used by artists during the Italian Renaissance to show that it is a self-portrait. And then everything is forgiven. For whom were it that began with patterned floors that stretched to infinity, if not the Renaissance artists?  

                            Håkan Nilsson

The passage above is quoted from a review from Hans Jörgen's latest exhibition which points to some prominent features in his art. The craftsmanship that allows him to challenge conventions and with precision deceive our senses. Hans Jörgen's suggestive photographic landscape built up of logos that moldily dissolve on the horizon attracts speculation of varying character. Few, like him, can transform simple materials for their meager poetic constructions, even simple plasterboards are refined into priceless utensils.  

                             Kjell Strandqvist

Born 1961 in Borgholm, Sweden Working in Stockholm, Sweden


1987 - 1992 The Royal University of Fine Arts, Stockholm

Selected solo exhibitions

2018 ANNAELLEGALLERY, Stockholm, Sweden

2016 ANNAELLEGALLERY, Stockholm, Sweden

2014 Landskrona Art Gallery, Sweden

2013 Aesthetics, Kalmar Art Museum, Sweden

2013 ANNAELLEGALLERY, Stockholm, Sweden

2012 Liljevalchs (Art Break), Stockholm, Sweden

2010 Karlskrona Art Gallery, Karlskrona, Sweden

2008 "Nobody's Land" Saltarvet Fiskebäckskil, Sweden

2007 ”Vanitas vanitatum” Kristinehamns Konstmuseum, Sweden 2007 ”Metamorphosis” Gallery Brändström & Stene Stockholm 2006 ”The Siege” Fotofest, Houston, USA

2002 Gallery Mariann Ahnlund, Umeå, Sweden

1999 "Insomnia / Sleep in" The Art Labyrinth, Kalmar Art Museum, Sweden 1999 "Insomnia / Sleep in" The House of Sculpture, Stockholm

1997 "A kind of triad" Krognoshuset, Lund, Sweden

1997 "A journey in a feverish landscape" Gallery Andreas Brändström, Stockholm 1994 Gallery Andreas Brändström, Stockholm

1994 Gallery 1, Gothenburg, Sweden

1993 Gallery Danielsson, Borgholm, Sweden

1992 Gallery Mejan, Stockholm

Selected group exhibtion

2016 Winter Show, ANNAELLEGALLERY, Stockholm, Sweden

2016 Summer Show, ANNAELLEGALLERY, Stockholm, Sweden 2016 Group Show, ANNAELLEGALLERY, Stockholm, Sweden 2015 Summer Show, ANNAELLEGALLERY, Stockholm, Sweden 2015 Market Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

2014 Summer Show, ANNAELLEGALLERY, Stockholm, Sweden 2013 Christmas Show, ANNAELLEGALLERY, Stockholm, Sweden 2013 Summer Show, ANNAELLEGALLERY, Stockholm, Sweden 2012 Summer Show, ANNAELLEGALLERY, Stockholm, Sweden 2011 "Hell", Liljevalch konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden

2011 "Welcome back, Saltarvet, Fiskebäckskil, Sweden
2009 "Abstract / Concrete", Gallery Operatingplace, Stockholm, Sweden 2008 "(H) IS Kalmar Art Museum, Sweden
2007 “07.07.07“ Kabusa Konsthall, Köpingsbro, Sweden
2007 "Greenery" Mjellby Art Museum, Sweden
2006 "Greenery" Kristinehamn Art Museum, Sweden
2006 “Parallel / now” Kalmar Art Museum, Sweden
2005 “Parallel Vision” Wilmington, USA
2005 “Mitt i“ Art project on Öland, Sweden
2004 "Multiplex" Skulpturens hus, Stockholm
2002 "I am a curator" Chisenhale gallery, London
2000 "At the same wavelength" Konstakuten, Stockholm
1997 "Artspace, Arlanda airport" Stockholm
1996 “Who does the World think it is“ Kabelfabriken, Helsinki, Finland 1996 Smart Show, Gallery Andreas Brändström, Stockholm
1996 Smart Shop, Konst-ig, Stockholm
1995 "Comp i Box" Stockholm
1995 "Project Enrollment" Stockholm
1995 "When the Cat is Gone" Gallery Andreas Brandström, Stockholm 1995 "Shaking Patterns" W139, Amsterdam

1994 1993 “1993 1991 1991 1991 1991

Smart Show, Gallery Andreas Brandström, Stockholm Ad Hoc “Gallery Nordenhake, Stockholm
Stockholm Art Fair, Nordenhake Gallery, Stockholm Heland-Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm

Gallery Forum, Malmö, Sweden Sveagalleriet, Stockholm
Stockholm Art Fair, Kris-Material, Stockholm

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